What is SWART Engine

We provide for C-programming language the compiler independent program which aligns architecture and real compilation artifact, known as Executable and Linkable Format (ELF), into one snapshot. The outcome of program can be used for a proof or disproof of the architectural concept compiled software.

What is COSMOS Interpreter

This interpreter is an additional multidisciplinary program used in the combination with the SWART. It extracts the calculated artifacts into the game engine (UNREAL) creating amazing, well-recognizable software universe. This interpreter matches perfectly that huge amount of data with high level of integrity and quality.

What is VIDEO Production

With the SWART engine we produce Gigabyte of data which is then extracted into COSMOS interpreted and represented by Unreal Game Engine. The next step in Video Content creation seems obvious to us. Finally, embedded system and software engineers’ ideas of software interaction and dynamic behavior become a HD reality.

SWART Features

Function’s Call Tree Analysis and Visualization
With visualization of a function’s call tree, developers can easily follow how code is being executed. This can significally speed up code evaluation and help with debugging.
3D overview of memory usages over Project Architecture
Every project in Swart can be visualized as 3D city-like topography. With this feature developers can quickly overview memory consumption of components in a project.
Detailed information of all objects in each Component
Functions and variables are grouped in components by rules defined in a project’s Architecture. That way objects can be quickly found and inspected. Swart give detailed information for every object, like starting address, size, in which memory is mapped etc.
Support for Continuos Integration – CI
Swart can be easily integrated in any Continues Integration environment. That way, when project is compiled, Swart will also perform a new analysis. We can also help our customers with setup and additional scripting.
Memory Analysis
After analysis Swart will give detailed information about memory consumption of RAM and FLESH memory in a project. Memories and other hardware features are defined in a Project’s Hardware Resources file.

COSMOS Features

Function’s Call Tree
Architecture Layout
Object Details
Component’s Memory Layout

Video Production Example

As an example a good skilled embedded Architect costs about 150.000€ per year.
The productive output of his activity is usually collected in UML:
  • Use cases clarification between multi disciplines,
  • Software architecture, component and interfaces decomposition,
  • System state machine specification
In our case, we (a coordinated team of video producer, 3D programmer, visual effect & modeling designer and experienced embedded specialist, the team of 5-6 person) could create over 200 HD video sequences with a duration of at least 30 seconds each in the same period of time. That means 6000 seconds or 100 minutes of HD film. The created data is universal for system and software behavioral annotations, engineer onboarding improvement, SPICE assessment, reengineering, internal and external advertising.


Choose Your Plan
  •    Initial Setup for CI (Optional)
  •    SWART
  •    COSMOS
  •    Continous Integration


1,999per year


2,999per year
  • 1,999 per project


3,799per year
  • 1,999 per project


999per year


Choose Your Plan
  •    Number of SWART Licenses
  •    Number of COSMOS Lincenses


6,990per year
  • 10
  • 2


14,975per year
  • 25
  • 5


24,950per year
  • 50
  • 10


39,900per year
  • 100
  • 20

We create embedded system design videos on request. The activity involves specification modelling, graphic design, modelling and programming of the system-behavior.


March 2021

Embedded World 2021

Embedded World 2021

This year on Digital Embedded World 2021 we presented Cosmos to the audience and get positive feedback.

January 2021

Announce of Video Production

Announce of Video Production

First development phase of Cosmos was finished. Next step was to use both tools to start with Video Production. Creating special videos or use cases videos explaining specific events and combining Hardware and Software into one system.

July 2020

Start of COSMOS development

Start of COSMOS development

3D Visualization of software architecture and all it’s objects was from start our goal. We decided to use Unreal Engine as ground for building Cosmos. This is a time when concept designs brainsessions take places.

March 2020

SWART as standalone desktop application

SWART as standalone desktop application

After analysing feedbacks from two fairs and some internal brainstorm, we decided to elevate Swart from web service to desktop standalone application.

March 2020

Embedded World 2020

Embedded World 2020

We participate in Embedded World fair as a start-up company presenting our services and Swart as web service application with support and demo for VR technology on our stand.